The Adventures of Magic - Book Series

Magic, a miniature dachshund,  goes on an adventurous voyage around the United States, from Michigan to California. Magic explores all of the fun places, and experiences the many attractions and activities in four vacation towns. These rhyming picture books are both entertaining and educational.


Adorable book! Charlevoix holds a special place in my heart. I'm so excited to be able to make new memories with my son, and this book is the perfect opportunity to familiarize him with the area. Magic the dog is just too cute and the author included all the favorite places in the city. My 3yr son really enjoys reading it.

We bought this book for our son Jordan on this 2nd birthday. HE LOVES IT! We live in North County San Diego and Jordan can identify almost all of the landmarks. We read this book ALL DAY LONG! There are so many things to look at on each page. Again, well done!